Configuring Chinese Ethernet-controllable 2-relay board

I bought some weeks ago a Ethernet-controllable 2-relay board. While my Chinese Top Seller could not provide any documentation for the item I had to find things myself.

The default IP for the device is To control the device with my Linux device I found a nice Python script sr-201-relay. Since we know the IP of the board we can get rest of the configuration:

$ python config

Excellent! Now we can change the network settings to suit with my LAN:

$ python gateway=
$ python dns=
$ python ip=
$ python reset

First I tried to make sure the device does not reach Internet and finally I set a static IP from the correct LAN.

The script offers methods to turn relays on (closed) and off (open):

$ python close:1
$ python status
relay status: 1-closed 2-open 3-open 4-open 5-open 6-open 7-open 8-open
$ python open:1
$ python status
relay status: 1-open 2-open 3-open 4-open 5-open 6-open 7-open 8-open


3 thoughts on “Configuring Chinese Ethernet-controllable 2-relay board

    1. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with In the above configurarion I turned off the DNS and gateway addresses. Well, turning off in this case meant configuring these to The purpose of this was to prevent the board connecting outside world. You never know what these cards do in your network, do you?

  1. I need to connect from my office MAC to the home SR-201 connector to turn on the heaters, how can I do?

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