Getting Rid of Black Borders in Titanfall

After installing the Titanfall FPS game our gamer soon noticed a great annoyance: the screen was aligned in somewhat peculiar way. The screen had a large black border on the left while the screen was missing an equal part on the right.

We tried to change the video settings but none of the presets was functional. However, this solved the problem:

  1. Right click on the desktop > Screen Resolution > Get your current screen resolution (e.g. “1680 x 1050”).
  2. Open up Windows Explorer, and navigate to “C:\users\yourusernamehere\Documents\Respawn” and open the Titanfall folder.
  3. Go into the local folder and open the file titled “videoconfig.txt”.
  4. Set the variables “setting.defaultres” and “setting.defaultresheight” to correct values. In our example they should be

    “setting.defaultres”  “1680”
    “setting.defaultresheight”  “1050”

  5. To full screen you may want to set

    “setting.fullscreen”  “1”
    “setting.nowindowborder”  “0”