Installing PEAR modules in cPanel environment

My current webhotel does not provide pear client and it tool a while to figure out how to install Pear modules to this environment.

php go-pear.phar

In my case the default paths were OK. Make sure all paths are writable by you (typically starting with /home/youraccount). Press enter to continue. After installing some packages I got a warning:

WARNING! The include_path defined in the currently used php.ini does not
contain the PEAR PHP directory you just specified:
If the specified directory is also not in the include_path used by
your scripts, you will have problems getting any PEAR packages working.

Would you like to alter php.ini </usr/local/lib/php.ini>? [Y/n] :

Since this is not writable by you answer no. Now you’re given an important path:

Configured directory : /home/youraccount/pear/share/pear

You can add this to your php.ini but I decided to add this to my PHP script:

ini_set('include_path', '.'.PATH_SEPARATOR.'/home/youraccount/pear/share/pear');

Now you have the pear client at ~/pear/bin/pear and it can use used e.g. ~/pear/bin/pear install Auth